Inactivity Message D:


Okay, so, I know I'm famous for wanting to leave, making a big fuss about leaving, but never really doing it. But this is an inactivity topic, not a leaving topic.
If you want to know why I'll be so inactive, well- just look.

Long version

I started sixth grade this year, and was abruptly suprised by the homework load. It quickly began to cut into my free time. Hours of homework sucked away my hours of the forum. And the workload is steadily getting worse. So obviously, I can't spend all my time on the forum anymore. That's the main reason, but there's also this.
Hs and the forum aren't really good for me. And I mean that literally.
Yesterday, I was tested by an eye doctor. And hooray, hooray, I need glasses. I'm almost positive this comes from beung fixated on the screen, seeing as before I became addicted to hopscotch, my vision was great.
So that's that

there's no short version, what I have to say really can't be reduced.



Do some HW during lunch


Same for me about the last part

Now I have glasses
I only wear them when I have to look at something far away, I don't always have to wear them, but still

Hw strategies: look over hw and see how long each subject will take, then set a timer for that amount of time. If you're done before the timer, see if there's anything you can change. If the timer rings before you finish, add 10 minutes.


Last part is fine. I has glasses too.

Do your HW

Miss you yandere-bean :slight_frown:


That only gets worse the older you get :P

I've had glasses since I was nine! (now i wear contact lenses sometimes, but still

Phew! Glad your not leaving put its a shame that you will be inactive :(


U have glasses to cool !
Everyone does even I do


I have glasses too. I have had them since 2014!!


See? Miss candy is learning the struggle of life: growing up.


I got glasses when I was in third grade... Yeah, yeah I'm a bad kid.


3 essays in a week? Give me a break please :rolling_eyes:


Well, you have one, today.


The teachers at my school have no homework structure whatsoever

'I want a 2 page essay on this please'

'oh, and its for 3 days time'

'and oh, I'm probably not gonna mark them but write them anyway plz'



I literally know wie that feels.

Shall we GBOT?