Inactivity, lots of it


So I've been very inactive over the summer, you may have noticed or you didn't. The thing is, I want to spend my summer outside, hiking and making moments. I don't want to be on technology all day. I'll be very inactive until school starts up again. I'll probably lose regular, but I'll make sure to earn it back.

Disky, I'll be on enough to finish BR2. We might have to delay starting BR3 though.

Funny, I hope you have a great time at summer camp! I'll make sure I have time to be on docs a little.

Frosty and Pinny, thank you guys to much for your kindness!

Sorry guys, I'm really sorry. I don't have much of an interest over hopscotch anymore. I'm going to be active more often when the school year starts, when I need to distract myself from boring useless things. :P



;-; bye Dudey ;-;
Have fun with outside stuff! :D
P.S. U r matricks :0:0:0:0


What @Anonymous said!!


Bye for the summer dude, can wait to have you back!!
Also what @KVJ said @Anonymous said


Aww... ;-;

Bye, I guess, Dudey! I'll miss you a lot. ;-;
Have lots of fun outside, I completely understand why you're going to be inactive! :D

And thank you! Thank you for everything. XD


Bye Dudey! :D We will miss you! :)

U r awesome. :D


Nip. :D

Have a awesome time doing... Whatever you're doing. XD
Have a awesome time bruh! :D

Bye dudey! :D
Or @Dude73 XD
Have a great summer! :D



I'm so sed... ;-,-;-,--;-;-;--;;

I really hope you enjoy your summer. :D

I'm going to miss you! Have a great time! :D


;-; Bye Dudey...

4 now anyways :D

I've been really inactive anyways....