Inactivity is spreading



A lot of people like MagmaPOP and -Madi- are not on hopscotch anymore. Where are they?


MP left. @Madi_Hopscotch_ disappeared.


Well i guess they just moved on from the world of hopscotch...

(Most) people wont stay here forever


I think -Madi- has been around :smiley:


She has liked some recent projects


People just move on from hopscotch, it's a great platform for coding, but sometimes people would rather do something more complicated like JS or HTML. :D


MP left, but I believe Madi has had some trouble multitasking school and Hopscotch. She'll be back soon! :)


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I really don't want to see her gone :sweat:


I left because my iPad broke.


Madi is still here, but not every day. The others left because of different reasons. However, @MagmaPOP was seen recently (look at his profile)


Maybe he was just having fun. I would mess with people if I was him.


So many people are leaving! It is so sad! I don't want to be begging for them to come back because I understand why. Some peoples parents don't know they have it which isn't very good so it is deleted. Sometimes, it probably brings down their grades if they use it too much.


Or they could think suddenly hopscotch got really boring.


Actually, using Hopscotch would bring up your grades.
Wait, I forgot that homework exists.
So unnecessary.
People would learn better with no homework.
Well, about the same.
Unless they stay up late for it, then they'd learn better.
Basically, school starts to early for proper education, and homework is unnecessary.


Well, yeah it helps with coding. But with everything else you may be more connected to your media life than you're school life.


I was thinking math.
And you could also use it to cheat at math. But let's not talk about that.


Yup, sometimes. I guess you are right about that.


If you were referring to my post about this

Then you might want to read it again.

HTML and JS are more advanced coding, not necessarily "better" coding.


Its sad people are leaving but they do have there reasons some are noticed some are sadly not. But funny enough they cant get away from hopscotch sorry about this next picture I had to..


I am still here! :slight_smile: I am working on a lot of projects and I hope I will publish them soon, I have been very busy but I am still working on many projects :)