Inactivity, bye 👋


I haven't really been active since February.

And now, when I come back, everything is so bland just people talking in a website making meaningless conversation. I don't really "need" the forum now as I did before, I have kind of moved on.

I don't know if I will be all that active at all, even though I might be on a little. It's better to know you can't than won't, after all.

Now it's like a chore being here, something I do daily to see if anyone responded. Put on the happy face and be someone you aren't and your ready to go!!!

I'm also making the decision to remove myself from the OMTL, for the moment. I won't be tagged to anyone's topics anymore.

Everyone has already given up on me and that's fine I guess. There's really no reason for me to be on a forum with no one to talk too.

Truthfully I don't even know why I made this topic. No one will care.

Everyone here has a really bright future, they have ideas of what they will code and they make it reality.

Be somebody no one thinks you can be.



Bye @Murphy1

Cya later


Bye @Murphy1 we will miss you frenapai! ;-; ;-;


Farewell, you were always a great forumer and at one point was one of the only few people who talked to me.






I haven't really seen very often recently so I guess that's why
Bye @Murphy1


Leave in summer because-

Wait no idc k bye


Leave in the summer because what




Um what •~•




Uh what

Can you just tell me please thanks







I can't


Why not


becasue he does not like the fourm but he does


No I don't like the forum but