Inactivity Approaching from Friendship..... 😞


Inactivity approaching beep beep beep
Anyways I'm getting kinda old for the hopscotch and the forum and many of my friends are leaving or have already left so what's the point
And it's getting a little boring and there's too much drama here sometimes you know?
I am starting to edit more and stuff and I'm trying to focus on school more and stuff soooo yeah I'll still try and be on but I'll be pretty inactive


The forum gets outta hand pretty easily and unfortunately lots of people are leaving :( . I'm sorry to hear your leaving the community is falling apart

, I'm sorry to hear your leaving have a great time and maybe go on hopscotch create project but don't worry about the haters, and flame wars just post your code without other people disturbing you.

Hopscotch is for all ages the forum in fact is meant to be for 13+ ;) but if you want to go then it's up to you.


I'll still be on here just I'm gonna be inactive sometimesssss


Ok! And remember don't let things on here get to you just remember how lucky you are to even have the forum, you wouldn't be here today if you didn't sign up to the forum! :)


Wait so you're saying I would have killed myself if I didn't have a forum account
Wow, wise words.... uh.... :grimacing:


No I mean like you could be playing a different game right now by just signing up for the forum your life has changed


I wouldn't be good at art nor would I have read any good books without the forum, true....
Harry Potter changed my life wow I'm so lucky


Okay, I will miss you. At least MiNi is not gone forever. Yes, Harry Potter can be life changing.


Ok bye! ;-;
Good luck in school!
and there goes another friend ;-;


Bye :(


Aw, I'll miss you. ;-;

Have fun IRL!


Harry Potter is life changing

I'll miss you ;-;


I will miss you
Thank you for everything you have done for me!


Thanks shive you're really nice


Yw but I'm just gonna be more inactive I'm not leaving


I'm not Shive XD