Inactivity Announcement

I will start by saying that this isn’t intended to make yall smile. Now that is out of the way, over time our interests and hobbies may change or fade away, and that is perfectly normal. It is common for individuals to lose interest in certain activities or forums they were once passionate about. I have been an active member of the hopscotch forum for quite some time now. I have enjoyed interacting with other members, seeking advice, and showcasing my own creations. However, recently, I have noticed a gradual decline in my enthusiasm for the forum. The once-exciting discussions and activities have started to feel repetitive, and I no longer find the same level of engagement as before. This is not due to what anyone has done. Although recent controversial changes have help influence this, that is not the whole story. However, I do not wish to completely leave the hopscotch forum, as I love the communitie and its message in fostering creativity and providing support for my friends I have made here. I will still check in regularly, but within the next couple of months, you can expect me to not be nearly as active as before. I may change my mind but I am giving a heads up. I would like to add to that the Hopscotch forum has helped me form so many friendships. Despite the physical distance that separates us, the connections I have made here are genuine and meaningful. The sense of family and belonging that this community has created is truly heartwarming. I am grateful for the friendships I have made, and I am constantly amazed by the kindness and generosity of yall. I am grateful for the incredible support and guidance provided by the Hopscotch forum moderators and administrators. Their dedication to maintaining a positive and engaging environment is insane. They work tirelessly to ensure that the forum remains a space for learning, collaboration, and growth. I would also like to thank the people I got to meet through the seed dev program. Those were some of the most fun I had ever had when coding. I would like to thank @HopscotchRemixer for helping me with trying to start up Hopscotch Academy. I would like to give a special thanks to @Dragongirl1264, @Tri-Angle, @affogato, @Brutus, and @GOATGAMES for everything. And to everyone else (including yall @Potato.exe), I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Hopscotch forum. This community of talented individuals has been important in my personal and coding growth. The guidance, support, and friendship I have received here are immeasurable. As I look back on the years of help and encouragement I have received, I am filled with immense appreciation. Although I have much more to say, this post is already too long. So,
Thank you, Hopscotch forum, for everything.

wow that took awhile to write.


Sorry for making a topic, although i would like for y’all not to, y’all may move it


This made me wanna cry!!

You’re such a great person and the atmosphere here would just feel so… empty if you were to leave/have a break.

This is all completely your choice, I cannot force you to stay, therefore, I won’t.
But please remember…
You’re AWESOME!!!


Aw man, I understand but
We’ll still miss you


Aw byee




Nooo, I can’t believe I missed this, I will will miss you.


aw man
see ya Henry !
i missed it too


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