Inactivity and why


I will be more inactive soon.
1. School.
Fight-chan everyone has schoool!
Yeah. But some people on here (including me) Are nearing the end of school and know GCSEs and A levels and stuff like that.

There's gonna be a ton of homework. A ton.
And exams.

  1. Other passions
    Ugh. EVERYONE have other passions Fight-chan!

I stay inside almost all the time

My parents are trying to get me outside socialising.
I'm really uncomfortable with the club i'm in because most of the people there I have the HARDEST time relating too. Its a club for children who have disabilites

Most of the people I understand are the staff or just people with very...well unoticable disabilities. The other people make me just very uncomfortable.

  1. Other video games

I hardly play anything else.
Not super smash bros

Not star fox

Just mario and sonic at the rio olympic games and hopscotch

Sorry if I seem selfish


I know what it's like to have tons of work, just post and make games when you can!

1st POST!


Ok, thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:


You're welcome


Güd luck with school stuffs


Danke :P

I don't actually know german


Lol :laughing: :joy: