Inactivity.....and then leaving


Hey so....


Going to be more and more inactive.....and then I'm gone


So it's not like anyone cares and like 3 people are going to read this, but.......
So I am going to start the process to leaving. You're reading this like, ok no big loss there. But I'll explain why anyway. I feel like I should do more important things with my life, like watching the Princess Bride while eating potato chips. Also school is important, so I shouldn't come on anymore. Thanks to @Maltese, @Bananadog, @PopTart0219, @Anonymous for being amazing friends and making my day. You guys are super fun. :) I don't have 20 years to describe all your good qualities, so....just think of every good thing under the sun and it applies to you guys. Smart, kind, funny, you got it. Same to most of y'all Hops. I'm not leaving right away, So.....yeah


I can see why you're leaving
Fruits too sweet here
Bananas, strawberries, and apples
Too sweet


watch legally blonde too. It's an amazing movie.


Yeah, it's awesome
I've seen it before


Ok, bye!
We'll miss you tho!


oh my gosh ;-;

I just...
I don't know what to say. ;-;

I know you're not leaving right away...but here ;n;

Coding cupcake, you're amazing. Smart, funny, kind- every amazing word you can think of. Your projects inspire me so much, your eye for design is really amazing. The colors you use and design and code elements inspire me in my projects. You're super kind. You are such a sweet person, and you've made my day countless times. I'll never forget that.

You're an amazing coder. You're really talented. You're just so awesome. I really mean it. :)

I'll miss you. A lot. ;-;

Best of luck in everything :)


K Coke ;-;
You'll always be one of the most level-headed people I've ever "talked" to. An awesome coder, artist, and much more. Also, I feel ya. I don't have much to say here, and there are more productive things I could be doing instead of going on here.


Wait it looks like I forgot you on my list of awesome friends!

I meant to add you too. You're so kind, but also really really fun and smart. You're an AMAZING coder too.

Remember, "then he said hi and the world blew up"? (Or something like that)

And thanks. :)

Thats really nice of you to say :D


Oh my gosh thank you! That's so kind! I don't have words right now to describe my gratitude, so I'll get back to you shortly.

You're really a special person. Thank you so much! :D


Can't you do it on weekends? Or summer vacas? (I know that means cow in Español. Eh!)


Oh right, don't forget @friendship2468. We weren't always the best of friends, to say the least. To be honest, I didn't like her much, and we had different views on things.

But I've come to realize she's an amazing person. She's so smart, and kind, and now we're awesome friends and I'm happy. :D


Also, yus!


Nah gotta live my life

But I'll be on a little, I'm not totally leaving for a while.

Sorta going to be off more and more until bam I'm gone.

But for another week I'll still be going strong and I'll start getting off when school comes.


And about the before thing
Yeah I know everyone says that it's kinda funny when you get used to it
Wanna hear a joke


Sure :D


This guy went to the grocery store and bought gum. Later on he tried it and it was terrible and nasty. Soon he looked at what the gum was called and it was called Donald Trump


Perfect for gumming up the world. :laughing:

Soree for the trump discriminating puns


I will miss you
I hope you do well in the outside world


Peeps leaving really got me concerned.:neutral_face:


....oh my goodness ;-;

You are an amazing person, in so many ways. But I understand.

I hope everything goes well for you. I mean it.

I appreciate all of the times you've made me laugh and smile, and your presence has made my days brighter. :)

I know everyone has to leave, sooner or later. You're just happened to be sooner. I'll really miss you.

And I hope you'll come on Hopscotch and the forum on some days. :D