Inactivity and stuff




So recently (actually today), I started school :0000000000000000.

6th grade.

So for the homework, the first day I had to do about 40 or so minutes of it. Idk what it will be like now, since I get more homework and I have to be 'organized', so I don't lose any work. Plus, I have softball practice and games. So I will definitely be on less.

also locker combinations. They are harrrrd

mine is actually pretty easy though, so I'm lucky c:

Ok. That's all.

the social studies teacher is awesome :thumbsup:

each day we have carpool party's

It's nice


Btw I put this in collabs for the tags and stuff


Okay, thx for letting us know!
Have fun in 6th grade!


K! Have fun in 6th grade! :3


Ok thx for letting us know :smiley:


I was in 6th last year, I dunno about your school, but expect it to be REEEELY different.

funny because I really didn't like my social studies teacher XD


Me too!:wink:


It's 1 hour of dang homework for me.:slight_frown: