Inactive on HS and HSF! (I'm sick)


Hey, hopscotchers! I'm sick right now So I won't get to code a lot.
My parents told me to get some rest and get some honey down my throat Because I have a sore throat.
I'll miss you guys for a few but I'm not going to be active on Hopscotch. On Hopscotch If I'm not that active then I'm working a GOOD Project I'm making one for Halloween So.. get ready :japanese_ogre: But I'll see you soon guys!


Ok, I hope you feel better soon!
I am excited for that Halloween project!


Hope you feel better!


Aww, that stinks ;-;
Hope you feel better soon!


Hope you get better soon!


Oh well I hope you feel better soon
If I get sick soon I'm gonna be mad because I don't like honey
But good luck this your illness getting better soon and the project