In the Star Wars Emoji trailer, how do you make characters look dark?



At 0:48 that dark sith appeared dark but still had some textures on it. I think the real emoji of that is the snowboard man, but it has light textures, while the one on the trailer is black coloured with visible textures. I tried to set color the snowboard man to black, yet nothing happened, emoji can't be coloured. I need help on this, but if this isn't the code, sorry if I'm mistaken ::sweat_smile:


A black box was probably put on top and set at invisibility 50-98


@Kiwicute2015 yeah that sounds accurate.


I can't see the video!


heres the link.


Here it is so you can look at it from the forum! :smile:


I've been wondering about that too, but I think there's a different way than doing that @kiwicute2015 ....


Ahh yes. I see now. It's probably photoshopped.


I love it.


You can't photoshop a video.


Yeah, you actulley can with some software @GiraffeProductions.


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No you can't but you can edit a video. Editing and photoshop are two seprate things.


Like I said editing and photoshoping are two sepreate things.


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Photoshop is a software but there is only one original one.


The point is, there is such thing as an editing software that can edit frames, like it is in this trailer.


I think that they would of used the black block emoji because they did say "everything is made out of emojis" Unless it's a code


Everything is made out of emojis, but obviously you can still edit stuff. :yum: