In the Dark HHC17


Hi everyone… this is my HHC17 project… do you like it??? Please give me feedback!!
Umm yeah…

  • Boring
  • Similar to other projects
  • My/mom look at this awesome project
  • Super scary!!
  • Needs more
  • Lol wats the point
  • Best ever!!
  • Gonna have nightmares
  • My dog could do better!!
  • Yeah… whatever
  • My project is better than yours!!

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Ummm maybe I should @POMTL


Hmm idk, maybe add more? :smiley: good job tho


It took me all day (lol that like such a long time… not)


But you spent a very long time on it :wink:


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Put this in #open-source-code.