In out in out forum game


You’re out if you go on this topic and your post doesn’t say “You’re in if…” or “You’re up out if…”


You’re in if you don’t like balloons.


You’re out if you are sad.


You’re in if you have eaten candy after 11 pm within a week.


you’re out if the second letter of your username contains an a, i, or e.


That doesn’t include me.

You’re in if you code in HTML somewhere besides the forum.


You’re out if you like pickles plain.


you’re in if you didn’t celebrate halloween


You’re out if you don’t like pickles plain


You’re in if you own a pet.


You’re out if you have eaten candy after 11 pm within a week.


Your in if you ate candy after 12 AM in the week.


You’re out if you dressed as a Disney character on Halloween.


You’re in if your brother owns a reptile as a pet.


You’re out if aren’t anti-artist on HS


you’re in if you love poppy and want to worship them


You’re out if you created spam topics in the past or the present.(yes, that’s you poppy)


Since, I made this topic and nobody is on it, everybody is in!
You’re out if you live in a place that ends with the letter E.


Your in if you have heard of the water buffalo joke


you’re out if you dislike jesus