In out in out forum game


You’re out if you are an only child.


You’re in if you are currently wearing shoes.


You’re out if you do this poll.

  • Tv
  • Phone
  • Netflix
  • iPad
  • Computer
  • YouTube
  • Ipod
  • Puppy
  • Yourself
  • Money
  • Ruling the world
  • Books

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Are you Indian?
(I spell it like “dal”)


You’re out if you don’t stay on topic to the topic.



Sorry, just curious


you’re in if you apologized to somebody else.


You’re out if
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You’re in if you have ever gotten a henna tattoo.


@aariv, no, I’m half paki half bengali

You’re out if you have dyed hair


You’re in if your hair is brown.


Your out if your eyes are blue.


You’re in if you have a pet bird.


You’re out if you are going to be a zombie for Halloween.


you’re out if you’re celebrating hallloween this year.


You’re in if you use set position blocks instead of move forward blocks.


Oh ok


I sometimes use set position and sometimes move forward, so idk.


Off topic but how do you unpublish


Click on the three dots of your project at the top right corner and tap unpublish.

You’re in if you have three features.