In out in out forum game


You’re in if you play football (aka soccer)


you’re out if you have/had a cringey wattpad acc


You’re in if you had breakfast this morning.


You’re out if you ate toast for breakfast this morning. Btw, What is the time, everyone where you are?


you’re in if you drank milk today.


You’re out if you haven’t been on an aeroplane before.


you’re out if you use british spelling to spell stuff.


It’s the autocorrect- I live in Britain too. Anyway, I’m temporarily out :((


you’re in if you’re not regular


Yes, thank you. You are out if it is morning where you live.


You’re in if you like drawing.


You’re out if you have not played with a 3D editing software


You’re in if you’ve eaten rice this week


You’re out if you’ve never eaten dahl.


“Dahl”? Do you mean “Dal”?


It’s dahl
dal sounds like the da in dad plus L


If I’m right, you’re talking about the Indian word “Dahl”?


yes, although I was actually thinking of the bengali version


you’re in if you’re in.