In out in out forum game


Your out if you do not have a HS forum account.


You’re out if you have a 2-syllable name. (First name)


Yay!!! Your in if your name begins with H, your out if your name ends in e.


You’re in if you’re out


Ur out if ur in if ur out if ur in if ur out


You’re in if you are in Ravenclaw!


You’re out if you are in Slyterine


You are in if you are in Hufflepuff
(Please ignore my spelling)


You are out if you dislike cheese


ur in if u like dairy


You are in you play in orchestra.


You’re out if you play in band.


You are in if you don’t play an instrument.


You’re out if you’re wearing grey.




Does stopping piano lessons count, even if I still play piano?

You’re in if you like swimming.


Yeah. You still play an instrument!

You’re out if your favorite color is yellow, black, or swampy green.


You’re in if you speak 3 languages.


(I’m always out lollipop XD)


You are out if have 2 beds in your house!