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Hey guys, i've seen most of the post about ideas for the forum and @Liza was saying that they were thinking about making an official app for the forum, but why not make in in the hopscotch app?
You could link some forum commands to the game like:
1- you could be notified if someone replied to your post in-game.
2- if you posted a question about coding, people could explain it to you and just send you codes that you could copy paste in-game.

--[Forum ideas]--

-Chat bar: you could chat with people just like iMessages but without giving any personnal information.

--[In-Game ideas]--

-Saving automatically object positions
When we re-open a project all our objects are missplaced, (their positions are reseted) that causes hopscotchers to make a set position command for every single objects. And some people don't even realise that their objects are missplaced so they publish them and wait for the project to get likes.

-Being able to comment on projects. To give advice, comments or words of appreciation.


@Liza has already mentioned about this possibly happening and I think that it would make the game sooooo much better!


@TromaxTheDestroyer, great ideas!

We have thought about comments/messages a lot and totally agree it would be cool. At some point we definitely want to do this.

Our first priorities are:

  1. Making it possible to play Hopscotch on any device (first iPhone, then Android)
  2. Making it easier to make complex stuff (more blocks and functionality, like a "me" value that lets a value unique to the character with which you're using it).

Then, we'll get back to making it more fun to interact with the community.

We have a loooong list of things to do !!

PS: Are you objects repositioning themselves in weird ways? That's no good. There was a funky bug caused by using a Scandinavian keyboard. Try putting your iPad's language to American English, restarting, and seeing if this fixes it. (We use ","s where other languages use "."s, like in numbers, and this was causing some bugs in our code :-). Please let me know if this fixes it so we can keep digging if we're wrong!

Missplaced objects

@Liza Thank you so much ot worked, I always used the default english keyboard language for apple wich is US.
I switched to English (Singapore) and it worked, it didn't work when i changed my keyboard language in the project because I joined with the US keyboard.
I had to put it to Singapore and re-open my project for it to work (that means that I launched my project with the keyboard Singapore.

If someone creates a project on a US keyboard someone with a Singapore keyboard sees the objects missplaced.
But what if someone with a Singapore keyboard makes a project an publishes it, does one with a US keyboard see them in place?
Thank you for the info Liza, it really helps alot. You should post it on your topic: Help witn projects debugging.


So eventually we will be able to comment on projects with filters, report button punishments?!? This would be amazing and the time will go by fast as long as I keep playing hopscotch!


I definitely support this idea!


I also support this idea!