Improving The Web Player!



Hi! I would really like the web player to be improved! Most of the time, my IPad is unavailable and I have to use my laptop! I have no codes to play peoples projects and I’m bored to de.ath! @liza @Rodrigo @Montoya could you do something about this?

What I feels needs to be improved:

Post your ideas below!
1)Have a search and category part where you can search up projects and choose by category like Featured, Rising, #games etc.

2)I know this wont be here for at least 6 or 7 months but an online editor and you can send projects to your IPad Hopscotch account to publish there!

3)Yeah you’ve got the videos on hopscotch and the forum but what about tutorials on there?

These are my ideas but you can publish your ideas below!


I like the first one the most. Great ideas, though it might be hard for THT!


The web player has been improved, because in the beginning of it’s development, projects didn’t play as they did in the editor, but that is fixed now. When people post links to their projects for testing and then unpublish them, it doesn’t work to open in the web player and that would be cool if it worked. Also, your ideas are really good and would be amazing to have in the web player!


Idk, I think they are all great ideas!


I think that would be great! It would make the web player more interactive. And some people don’t have access to an iPad or an iPhone, so an improved web version would be cool!


A link from the Webplayer to “Open in Hopscotch” would be very helpful so users with the app could see the code when they get a link.


I think there is one??

i think its on the bottom ill check



There used to be one, but it’s not there anymore. At least not that I can find.


do you have the app installed?
sorry i cant check my ipad is dead


Yep. I have the app.


oh that is weird… ios 11?


No, iOS 10.something


weird, ill check when my ipad charges


On IOS 11, if you scroll up you should see this. Not sure if it works in IOS 10


I am pretty sure it’s been there for several versions.


thats what i meant