Improving My Coding Skills



How Can I Be Better At Coding And Improving My Projects? I don't really think I'm as great as MamgaPOP, t1, StarGirl Studios and others. I don't have much self confidence. I'd like to push myself to try to be as good as at least one of them.


i have an idea. Long ago when hopscotch didnt have sounds or endless repeates there were variables. Not a lot of people knew about variables at the time, but there was one man. Funky63, made a flappy bird like project. Simple enough right? but the flappy bird moved so smoothly, it looked like there was real gravity moving it. So, I decided to branch his project. To figure out how he got the bird to do that. Then I found something great that day. Variables, he used variables to make his game. But how? I decided to not just copy his game but to recreate it on a blank project. To copy every single bit of code, but to change just one little thing every time. Little by little I learned how to make flappy bird games that played so smoothly. Then I advanced to making buttons move characters. (this was before when Blank was tapped) And then, pretty soon, everyone, even besides me, knew about variables. If you want to learn something, maybe do what I did. Learn from others, and expirament with everything!


Being a great coder cannot happen in an instant. Everything takes time. Imagine when @t1_hopscotch started long ago. She wasn't as good as she is now!

The case is the same for everybody.

This is part of life, you can never expect that "whoa, you are such a pro in just ten minutes" situation. I know it sounds difficult but, all of this is worth it. The struggles, the frustration, all that adds up to effort to become one of the greatest coders, or maybe even the leaders.


MagmaPop, t1, and Star Girl Studios have probably been Hopscotching for a long time! You need to be confident in your ability to code great things as well, because it's probably hard to get better at something when you say you're not good at it. If you see a great project, try to figure out how it was coded by going into the edit mode and looking around the code. You'll probably learn something new this way!


Magmapop and star girl studios are one of the later Hopscotchers. As long as you try, you improve.


I know that being an awesome coder doesn't happen in an instant. Its' almost been a year I have been on hopscotch. There are people that I've seen who have been there for five months and are pros.


Sometimes it does. It just happens when a little spark happens and you realize a whole new way of re-aranging the blocks! The times are spontainias, and most of the time I think of stuff when I sleep. I had a dream about castle times and armies fighting each other. But no humans were involved. Only chickens.


True. And I guess that's why you're called Chicken Lord, no offense really.


none taken. Actually back in 6th grade I had an obsession with chickens. But yeah, sometimes its just instantanias.