Improvements/things to add?



Anyone want to say any improvements/things to add that they would like to say?


i'd like a flip command for moving vertically and a seperate speed for y and x moving but i know this wont happen. I mean more like a Bounce instead of a flip that makes the character move in the opposite direction while not changing the direction it is facing.


I guess to flip vertically you could make a character do this:

Set Angle to 180 degrees

I tested it and it worked but a separate flip horizontally and flip vertically would be useful.

You could make separate variables called SpeedX and SpeedY and use that to have separate X and Y speeds for different situations e.g.

Repeat Forever
    if SwitchToXSpeed = 1
        make the Speed "SpeedX"
        make the Speed "SpeedY"

but again it would be useful if you did have separate speeds for moving vertically and horizontally. That's an interesting idea by the way.

And yes the Hopscotch Team can't make everything that we ask but at least they'll never run out of ideas thanks to everyone's suggestions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks but what i mean is bounce of the top of screen and go down with a go forwards command and flip. Instead of when y position = change y. A game i'm making uses go forward alot and going down to bottom of screen makes a character appear at the top again. this was easier than trying to code a bounce and change y and check whats left of the value. too much work. i can't be bothered.