Improvement Is Possible

Hopscotch is a amazing game, and I’m sure you all agree. But there is room for improvement. These are my ideas to make hopscotch a Even better game.

Customizing your avatar more would be amazing. Currently, to change the Background of a HS badge, you would have to take a picture of your HS badge, download a Photo editor App, change the BG, then get the subscription to set the new photo as your avatar. If There was a Screen to choose the BG, Then it would save 300 or more Mega Bytes of Storage.

Adding A ‘Z Spin’ Block would be interesting. Spinning a Object in the Z Axis With 2 blocks including the when game is playing block is Hard and Easy to Mess Up. Adding this new block could Quadruple The Easiness of Spinning Objects By Z.

Thirdly, Adding More Tutorials. These Tutorials we have are great, let’s assume you don’t really Understand More Complex Things. And After Doing The Tutorials, You probably Wonder how to get to the forum. Let’s say you haven’t created a game yet and no one notices you after you make your first game. If we had these Tutorials, you wouldn’t have to take these steps and more to Find out something complex.

Fourthly, Putting Medium Green In The Subscription Image Drawing Board. It’s So Annoying That I Have To Use A Entire Secondary App to get the color to make one image. Like the last one, this could save some Device Storage.

Fifthly, A Pixel Art Editor to create easy pixel art. This could save some storage, as with the last two. And it also could save time, And save Stress with other features in other Drawing apps.

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I agree ALOT and maybe we would also have a custom character creater?
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Great suggestions!

That would indeed be interesting. Just to clarify, would a z spin be an object constantly changing whether it is in front of or behind other objects?


Amazing ideas!

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Not sure I understand what this block would do

If the above is true I’m curious as to why you chose the word spin


Z spin is possible with vars, right?


@sophia It just spins objects by the z axis. There could be Another block that will do that.


@Andpi Yes, It Does Work With Variables.


I’m still not sure what you mean, since the z axis is basically which objects are on top of others. When you say, “spins by the z-axis” could you describe the motion an object would do?


Basically Making A Object Thinner or Wider From a X axis Perspective


Oh, like changing width/height?


I think I will add another feature

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Which is actually possible using cosine

Repeat forever
Set size to width ((cos(angle))×100) height (100)
set angle to (angle+1)%360

Most useful for spinning coins in a 2D-3D effect.


Yes but I that’s complicated and would probably have to be in one of the advanced Tutorials.

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This is confusing

It’s not that confusing.

Understanding sine and cosine? yes, that may be confusing.

The modulo operator (%) was just to reset angle to 0 when it reaches 360, but it’ll work without it.


Well, I don’t understand the nesting

The two blocks are inside a repeat forever block. It was just an example. I would more likely place the two blocks inside a When Game is Playing magenta block.

I think no, I think it would rotate around the specific Z given on a Z axis.


@Crosbyman64, I’ve found a easier solution for spinning coins.

{ When Game Starts
Repeat Forever:
{{Repeat Times ((Self Width x 2))}}
Set width (width - 1)
{{Repeat Times ((Self Width x 2))}}
Set width (width + 1)

Not as complicated, But Longer code.