Improved Hopscotchers!



Ok, so I was on hopscotch and was thinking. Man, this person improved! Maybe we could share pictures of hopscotchers who changed. I also think this could be a tag, so you take screenshots of improved hopscotchers and then the person you tagged has to pick another person and it goes on and on. This also doesn't have to do with art, it could be anything :D

I picked @LotsaPizza :3

I think I did this in order :sweat_smile:


I was so bad :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Really cringe worthy, ehh?


Well, I improved in drawing by just looking at the drawings other Hopscotchers did. I went from


Anime! Drew a picture of my BFF with pen, and it's full color!


I think I've improved a bit :sweat_smile::joy: