Imposters on hopscotch



Hey everyone! It's NekoChanNana here or @CrystalPanda. So lately on hopscotch I have seen people pretending to be famous hopscotchers like @LotsaPizza @OrangeScent1 @MagmaPOP @SmileyAlyssa and the latest was someone was pretending to be @XiaoMiaoMi and best friend when they actually aren't! They do this just to get followers and they do this why? Because they are jealous or just trying to be mean! I really think this should stop! So who's with me??


Agreed, they only want attention.

Usually, they don't do much though! I have an imposter, named "Gilbert189.".

I think it's actually cool that someone pretends to me, but it's not the gratest thing.


True. Having an imposter also means that someone adores you so much that they pretend up to be you. It can be a good thing and a bad thing.


There is someone who has the EXACT name as me. EXACT NAME! Scary imposter!

There is also someone who claims they are my backup, but they aren't. Another scary imposter.



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I'm pretty sure that I don't have any, but I am still overly suspicious at the idea of one. :T
Also, if I had any other accounts, I would've confirmed it on my main account with a project.


Ugh I have one too​:worried: It's so annoying because they posted a project saying that "hey I'm bananadog, and I want everyone to follow these people..."

The only account I have is my main, and two others I never use. I don't like people pretending to be other people, and find it very annoying. If I wanted to post shout outs, I would do it on the account. The most people would see it on!!!!:grimacing::confused:


Good thing I'm not famous! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:! Or else I would have imposters.....


I don't have any imposters just a Hopping Banana jr. And Hopping Banana studios. I don't want an imposter anyway. That's creepy.


I have about 7 imposters XD


Wow... I only have two.. :sweat:

And it's really annoying, they basically remix my projects for attention. :expressionless:


My imposter was intelligentscootert because they couldn't have the same name as me.


I don't mind much about imposters. I don't like how they pretend to be someone else, but most everyone can tell I'm, well, you know, me, so it's not like they get as much follows and likes as I do. Not to mention games. My imposters don't have any real projects, so no one really notices them.