Imposter?!?! Also, Backup Account Info



Someone is trying to be me! They made a backup account and even copied my signature.

I don't write like that or shade hair like that. Want evidence this is not me?

This is a notice I did on my REAL backup account, called LP_Backup (REAL ONE).
Just so u know, guys :wink:
@Liza, @admins, can you suspend this person? I don't like how they are trying to make a backup for me, and saying they are me. I ESPECIALLY don't like how they copied my signature :confused:

Types of Hopscotching to Avoid



The truth is now known!!


Oh no! This is happening to @xiaomiaomi too! But she reported the impersonator!


Tell @Liza or another Hopscotch Team member. That account may get deleted.


Sorry about the imposter! I believe you:)


Good point @tankt2016


There's someone on the forum called @RubyWolf I don't know who they are :anguished:


*Silence Erupts* :T


Ends silence You have a lot of imposters!


*people point at @DancingLollipop and gasp


The person must be on the forum if they know you like newt lol


This is horrible! :frowning: I see a lot of these and I am never sure if it these accounts are really backup accounts or just impersonators.


The thing with Newt is by me :T


If this account was just created recently, this means that the person who made the "Xiaomiaomi2~Backup" acc., is the same person who created this account! (The account was just recently suspended).


Yeah! I wish these people would stop. Why do this is all you're going to get are people who think you're someone else? I mean, that isn't even a "real" like. I think that these accounts are just annoying. Really annoying.
Well, one sure fire way to tell if an account is real is to give it an art/coding request, and see how they reply.


It's not worthy of being banned though.


Good idea! My first project was actually a lottery but I felt cheap with the likes I got so I unpublished it.


That's a good idea!
Here's a like! :heart:


Hmmm.. Just like @XiaoMiaoMi's impersonator, this person has horrific grammar... xD