Impossible Quiz!



I am going to publish an Impossible Quiz series!:grinning::grinning: But it will take awhile.


Can I Help???? :slightly_smiling:


Okay! You can help get ideas for questions because I'm having trouble thinking of questions for the Christmas Impossible Quiz, I will put y.ou in the credits too!


Just what is your username on Hopscotch?


Same On Fourm. @Pokemon101


One of my class mates @Skilled_Seth made the featured impossible quiz. It was great. Try to make it like that, but longer and with parts. There could also be a checkpoint mode to make it easier for people who want to do that.


All right, I just published the Impossible Quiz๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” 2.0! It has music in it, so do you have any ideas for the Christmas Impossible Quiz?


@tankt2016, are you still doing this?


They already did it I think!


Are they doing anymore?


When is this happening?


This was one of our first topics. It was published in January. :stuck_out_tongue:


We're still taking feedback, and we haven't even started a sequel yet. I made a Trickster Quiz, though.