Impossible challenge!


Lol, I was wondering, what was the first project I liked? If anyone wants to scroll to the very bottom of my favorites, you are prepared to be there for a year XD

Take. A screenshot. Of it and you will get a like on every project (if possible) and a shoutout!


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


After finally reaching 5-day mark:

CHALLENGE NOT ACCEPTED! :sob::sob::sob::scream::scream::scream:


Seriously, man, how. How do you like so many? You gave me an arm cramp! HOW DARE YOU!


Literally every week when I'm bored, I go on the newest section, and like 1000 projects. Lel


not entirely true, I'm 2 weeks in, btw, CHALLENGE ECCEPTED!!!!!

I don't give up easily, plays I'm super board, also PRIZESEZEZESZ!!!!!!!

(cue epic inspirational workout time lapse music)


my hopscotch CRAHSED at 6 weeks, how... just how...


XD at least you tried (i couldnt get through 3 weeks without crashing)


I think you've liked every project on hopscotch since you joined


Nope, not possible. I probably liked at least 1/3 of that. (still, thats like 10000 liked projects)


My hopscotch crashed. Wow. I-can't-hear-you-baadadadadadadadah!


@Follow4LikesOfficial CHALLENGE EXCEPTED


If I knew who you were in hopscotch.....


I was on 10 weeks and then it crashed I almost passed out after that


FACEPALM. I was 3 weeks in, and hopscotch crashed. :weary::sob: Why???


Darn it!!!! I was in 4 weeks and it just had to crash! wimpers from arm cramps


I should start liking 1000 projects!


this challenge is impossible!