Importing Music for more advanced sound design

A feature I’d like to see in Hopscotch is: Being able to import audio from videos in your camera roll or with a file of some sort.

I’d use it for this type of project: Almost all projects.

Sound and music are really important when playing games, but the current options we have even with advanced mode could improve. This is why people should be able to import music into their games which would allow for really complex and beautiful projects. I also find how music works in hopscotch really tedious and I never spend much time on it. This could allow for much more fun and creative games.


What do you think about this?

  • Amazing Idea!
  • It could use some work but it might work out.
  • Definitely not.

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Found a typo: Bing >> Being

Cool idea, it’s definitely a consideration, but they won’t be developing it anytime soon (nor anytime this year, most likely). There’s a lot of design and development that needs to be done to get something like this working optimally, and the current sounds Hopscotch has cause tiny lag spikes (noticeable in large projects with lots of clones) in projects when played, so improvements to that need to be done first.

Video files with music wouldn’t be such a great idea, since they are larger in file size than pure music files such as m4a or mp3. Not saying it’s not a good idea at all, the overall concept is a great idea.

And as an intermediate pianist and beginner songwriter, I definitely agree with you.


Thanks for the feedback! I don’t really know how the technical stuff like file size comes into play so I appreciate the response! Maybe to reduce lag instead of making every block one note, there could be a in app music maker that would reduce lag? (Even as simple as the song maker on chrome music lab.) It might be a lot harder to do, but it would be nice since coding every note one at a time is annoying and in-convenient. (Fixed the typo btw thanks for pointing it out!)


one thing that could go wrong: people sharing their voice, it would need to be in the human filter like images


Yeah I realized that while thinking about this but I thought it would be pretty obvious so I didn’t put it in.


Obviously, they’d need to be approved, so maybe to avoid workers sitting there listening 24/7, maybe a length restriction would be necessary?


But then the issue is that people will just upload it into different parts which ones you is probably even worse. This also shouldn’t be fixed by limiting the number of music clips because then it’s not very useful. I understand what you mean though. This could be fixed by just putting a in-app music maker that’s advanced enough to fit games very well.


Hopscotch projects have a maximum size they can be. So I don’t really see this being too much of a big issue as I would imagine bigger Sfx would take up more space. I’m not to sure with the max size at the moment as far as I’m aware of it’s 1 MB after Gzipping.


I’m just saying this is exactly what I need. I’m terrible at making music in hopscotch, but maybe uploading an mp3 for example would be better, for reasons stated by others above. I would really love this to be implemented though! Keep working on it hopscotch!