Imported 3D models in Hopscotch!


Importing 3D models into Hopscotch

You saw the title. These 3D models are actually in Hopscotch, imported using a Python script I wrote. This technique opens up for a whole new approach for designing your projects, and possibly games. So far, the technique is limited performance wise, and only maintains a good framerate with up to 150-200 faces (on an 1st gen iPad Pro. On iPads with lower performance, that number gets reduced).

How does it work?

The script takes a 3D .obj file, extracts all the polygons from it (they have to be triangles) and inserts the data into a Hopscotch .json file by adding set variable blocks. The project uses the 3D face rendering technique develouped by me and @ThinBuffalo.

If anyone wants, I could go into more details about this, and maybe show the Python script.

Do you want to see a specific 3D model in Hopscotch?

If you find a wavefront .obj file that you want to see in Hopscotch that I determine is good enough, I might make a project with it, or make a project for you.
However, the 3D framework is not yet ready for use of 3D models in games, so it will have to be just a scene.


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That’s awesome! Once I get the full version, I will try it. Thanks!


Wow! It’s pretty cool that it’s possible to make code that makes hopscoctch projects!

Could you explain how it works? Not necessarily this code, but just creating hopscotch projects with code.


I can post an explanation in the JSON editing topic in a while.


Impressive. Well done!


Cool tutorial m8
I might try this out


Oh, my gosh. That is


It takes yonks to load, but just wow!


That’s amazing!


I saw your project. Amazing job, this is just mind-blowing and a game changer.

I understand if you don’t want to share your Python script if you want to keep it private, but as I am really interested in knowing how it works, can you post some info about the script whenever you have time? Just if you want to and feel that you have time to explain it.


I’m working on an explanation.


Great. Can you tag me when you are done with it? Take your time.


very cool @CreationsOfaNoob


Wow! Those look so cool!!!


One of them got featured.


as you should


I added support for materials.

Project JSON modification — Topic

Do you have a link to that project, or is it a WIP?


Still WIP but here’s the link