Important please read



I am now quitting hopscotch and the forum. It is just to frustrating when people fight and don't like me. So I will be quitting for a while. There has been so much hate, that I have no interest anymore for hopscotch.

@Liza, @system


Please don't quit! You just joined!

You will be missed badly!



Aw, who's the new book club leader? And I forgot the password…


Already wrote it down in my drafts! Thanks anyway!


You will be missed!

Please come back soon!


Post this on my topic so that this dorsnt so am up the forum​:wink:


No. Please no! You joined a few days ago don't give up now!

Ode to @Dancer101

You like to dance
Give us a chance
We can change
This will all go away,
Let it blow over.
Ode to @Dancer101


You cannot leave yet, you just started!


What! Everyone is quitting. The forum is not fun when everyone leaves! Please don't go! You have so much more to learn!