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[@/Leaders you can close this topic soon, please leave it open for a few more days so people can ask me questions or anything!]

Hey guys!
So, this is an announcement and I just want to let you know.
As you may know, I use a school iPad for the forum and the app.
I may need to stop using the app because my iPad is Apple and I might get a Chromebook next year or the year after and I can’t download the app on that. I can use the forum but my summer break is coming soon so I might be offline for 2 months or so because safari won’t work when I’m in a different country [even if I have WIFI] and I don’t wanna explain why because it’s a long story lol. I might use the web explorer instead of the app when I get a Chromebook but that most likely wouldn’t happen.
If I still have the interest in hopscotch when I’m older I might re-download the app on my phone that I’ll get in 3 years or so, until then I don’t know what else I’ll do about the app problem!
If I don’t get a Chromebook next year I will still be on hopscotch but it still depends on what I like at that time!

When it’s my summer break I will still be able to post on the app if I have wifi, which is good news! The bad news is that I can’t use the forum when on summer break, which I already said.
It would be nice if someone can update me on what’s happening on the forum when I’m gone! It’s your choice, I’m not forcing you, if you’re up for the job, you can tell me and I’ll make a project so you can remix and you can tell me! [on the app].

Anyways, sorry for the super duper long message,
If you have any questions you can ask me!
If there are typos in this I’m sorry!

[@/Leaders again, sorry if this message was off topic. I had to make a separate topic because I didn’t know where to post this!]

Have a great day,


I just added a timer to close this topic in four days — let me know if you want it changed!

We’ll miss you :))


We’ll miss you! :’)
Do you know approximately how long it’ll be until you have to go?


Hope you can come back soon ‘:]


It’s august right now and my summer break starts in December [December to January is my summer break]

I know that there is a good 3 months left but I think I’ll start being a little inactive from now onwards because I need to focus on my studies and my life :]


Thank you! I appreciate this!
1 question, when my school ends and I start my summer break I would like to post a final message , can I create a new topic for it or is there a topic I need to post in?


Posting in the YCTAHH is fine!
Are you in Australia? My school break also starts December and ends January.


Yep! Thanks for telling me where to post it!


you can post in this topic, create a new topic (if its a pretty big announcement) or post it in ytaco as liquid said


@StarlightStudios you forgot to close this topic please do!


Huh the timer didn’t work — I’ll close now!

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