Important! Help with Avatars


I need help! Does anyone know how I can change ur avatar back to monkey or bear or something like that? I saw @MagmaPOP change his today.


Didn't MP always have Bear..?

I think you'd have to email THT. Idk


He changed it to monkey today.


Dunno. Still shows up as Bear for me.

(insert shrug thing I don't want to put in gain)


Hmmmm. Maybe there's something wrong with my hopscotch. 2 seconds ago it was monkey and now:


Weird. Huh.


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If you want a hopscotch character, email the hopscotch team to change it for you.

If you want a new profile, tap your profile picture on hopscotch and change it



It was mine, where I tapped a remix of MagmaPOP's project in my drafts, tapped his name in the top left corner, monkey!


@PopTart0219 what's their email?


If you are in the app, you can email them. I'm in the car escaping from the main heat of the blizzard, so I'll show you soon :wink:


MagmaPOP's account has that glitch in ot for some reason, it's been noticed before. We have no idea why though! :sweat_smile:


In the bottom right corner, there is a "Help!" Button. Click that, then click "Write Us!" That will take you to an email, and then you can write your problems, suggestions, or anything else you want to talk about with them, and send it


YaY! The snow just started to fall here!!



That was an hour ago, and I'm not in the worst of it. I would be, but I escaped to my other house :wink:


Wooh! It's safe where I am. The blizzard is coming towards us tomorrow though!


Your in New England?! I was outside for 10 minutes and my fingers HURT. I have a house where the major blizzard warnings are, and I'm in the capital of that state right now :wink:


Yeah I'm in NE (New England)


I'm watching AccuWeather (bye bye weather channel :frowning: ) and they said that just as I read your reply :wink:.