Important for Sine/Cosine Class


Can everyone in my Sine and Cosine class for school of hopscotch please list their name in this topic:grinning:


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I Already Know How To Use It, But I Guess?


You made a class foe sin and cos?


It's for Hopscotch school made by @friendship2468


Oh okay!


so to learn about sine/cos/tan or give an example of a project that uses it?


Yes. There are other classes too. My first class is on Sunday. You can join if you want.


I gave 2 examples and you said yes, it was an either or question, That just cunfuzzled me some more


It's the first one I didn't know what u were saying


oh in that case I've already moved on (still using sine/cosine/tangent though) and am messing around with cloud data


No you can't join my school no more spots! @kiwicute2016 close this topic please I never got permission and I said that all classes needed to go on my topic!


@Kiwicute2016 please do not close it I want to know who's in my class


I'll look on my schedule thing.


Thanks @Kiwicute2016 You can close this once I know who's in my class
@friendship2468 What will I need to do for my class on Sunday?


Start out simple in your lesson. Lesson project.


I think I know what classes I want @friendship2468.
Art, music and sine and cosine or looks and sounds


I said you have to have at least three, you don't have to have only three.


I know should I do looks and sounds or sine and cosine that's what I was asking @friendship2468


Sign up for sine and Cosine.