Import/Presave Custom Abilities


Hello, so today I wanted to discuss the idea of being able to import custom abilities from draft to draft, or have it preset, so when you make a new project, immediately, instead of having to recreate the code, you already have it there.

You could use this, when you’re creating, say for example, String Pixel Art, and you need to have the interpreter, clone creator, etc, instead of having to recreate the code, you could just technically already have it from the drafts, so you save yourself some time. This doesn’t have to apply to just pixel art as well, it can be used for other things, such as fade out, fade in, stuff like that.

Also, this could technically be copy and paste, but when you copy and paste, the variables apply to the project you took it from (and the project would be yours, right? you’re not stealing code without credit are you?), but with this, instead of having to copy paste, you have the variables, the code, already saved.


what if you don’t want to create a pixel art, but instead you are creating a platformer? but the abilities are already there, no? and it creates the variables for the project as well! this could be a major flaw, because you have variables that you don’t want. that’s not good! also, if you do not have the advanced version, you can’t delete these variables! i do not know what to do about this flaw, and you can add your solutions below (although, when you use it, it could make a popup that asks if you want to create the variables, and doesn’t instantly create them.

where else is this found?:

importing from another project: in all honesty, I do not know. I have not heard of a programming language that creates new variables when you copy code from another project.
presetting: hopscotch does this. but, you can not pick what you want preset. I believe you should be able to change them or add your own abilities.


with this idea, when you open up a draft, you can have preset abilities for a new project, meaning that you have abilities that are already created for you when you open up a draft, or you can import abilities from other projects and it would create new variables that apply to the project itself, not to original project.
This would be a time saver and a life saver.

Also, I am talking about Game Abilities + Custom Abilities

Do you agree with this idea?
  • Yes, I believe that this should be added into hopscotch.
  • No, I believe this should not be added into hopscotch.
  • Maybe, I do not have an opinion
  • I accidentally voted and my name is Andpi
  • There are flaws to this topic, and I would like to add to the discussion below, by giving ideas to improve this.

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Disclaimer: I think that the variables shouldn’t be created if you have them preset, and should only create them if you use the ability itself.


so technically this? :thinking:


That’s a part of it, but what about the abilities created before hand? (The presave part)


oh my gosh aha why am I in there-

I’d say yes, but uh I feel like I’m legally obligated to choose the one with my name


bro half of y’all ain’t even andpi

also, it would help if you accidentally voted, maybe read through it all, and choose an honest answer. it would help promote the idea.

if you’re a lazy couch potato (not that i have anything against them), then just read this:

although i would appreciate if you read the whole thing, as you can derive a stronger opinion from there.


Maybe you can have different presaves and you can choose a blank draft or a presave when you make a new project.


I guess this would be addressed with local variables, since the local variables will exist only when you use them in code.

I think you should have the ability to delete custom blocks, regardless of having advanced mode turned on or not.


sorry, this is a typo, i meant to say variables here

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Oh would you like me to edit that in for you?

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That would certainly be helpful, as the information in the quoted post is misleading (:

thanks (: @t1_hopscotch

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