iMovie Glitching with Hopscotch Videos


I am trying to edit a video with iMovie, but for some reason the voice audio is muted, and all I can hear is the clicks (no outside audio). Help?


Do you mean the recording of your voice @mobcraft ? Cus I can't understand "Outside Audio"




The record feature is still glitchy, so I'd recommend either re-recording, or getting something like QuickVoice and recording over it. :slightly_smiling:🙃:slightly_smiling:🙃


When you first recorded, on your first time, you clicked a button that said to only record your iPad sounds. In iMovie, you can do voice overs, so I guess you should just do that!


No, it was microphone.


Yes I know that. I think the best solution is to delete hopscotch and re download it. Does it work in photos?


I don't think that's needed, but if it happens every time, you may need to do that. (In a different post, I posted that it's in beta, so it's still a work-in-progress.


Beta? Oh...that's probably why...


It's iMovie's problem, as far as I'm concerned.


Maybe... (20 characters)


With Animoto, it's COMPLETELY fine.


Ohh... There has been updates recently.. 🤔


iMovie still doesn't work, even after redownload


Does the video have audio in it?

Also: There is a way too add your voice, because sometimes it cuts it out by itself.


You could try Final Cut Pro! But it costs money


MobCraft and I have a special App Store that only allows us to use certain apps, and this app isn't on it. :confused:


It' on a laptop @Rawrbear


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