Imagine-John Lennon



I am making this currently, what should the scenery be? A slideshow of emojis, or text art?


I think it should have a cool background and fading emojis! (I don't know if that would be too complicated.)


Text art
Maybe make a space background, with planets and stars and such


Text art! If you're wondering why I don't publish music much, it's because I don't enjoy it at all... That, I know, is really weird but I do take requests...
And the music that I make is really simplistic, with only one voice, because Hopscotch lags the music a lot and then the music sounds all weird...
But use text art!


Wait pls do this song if you can

Dun dun dun du dun, dun dun dun du dun


Sorry vines




I love that song! We listened to it in Reading class a few weeks ago and compared it with another song. The other one was from Salma, I think it was called Glory by John Legend.


I'm almost done with makism's rhapsody. :D.


Done! Time to move on to imagine...

Might need someone to do the text art though... Hmm 🤔


I could try! I don't know how it will look though.


Since you are an amazing drawer, can you do a quick sketch on paper?


Also, are you doing more Illuminati projects? Sorry, off topic.


Yeah, sure! Just give me some ideas.


Yeah, but not currently. I'm working on yours.
Now GBOT! (^^; )


Yay! Oh, what are some ideas for the sketch? My sketches aren't AMAZING, just so you know. My simplest drawings take a while to complete.


Something peaceful, pacifism,


Water, trees, nature?


Mountains in the background?


It's fine, it can be as messy as you want, take about 1-3 minutes

If you don't want to, it's fine


Okay. I'll start right now!