Imagination Topic!



You all Have an Imaginaton, so Use It!

Use your imagination! Tell stories and random things. Now. Please. I'm bored.


Isn't there already a topic about this? Like, the one that you put a link to?


Don't forget to search for the topic you want to make before making a topic! Search before you post :slight_smile:


This is a copy of my topic

So why did u post a link to my topic as well?


@Kiwicute2013 @PopTart0219 @BuildASnowman @gilbert189 @SmilingSnowflakes @Mathgirl please merdge


It was just for fun. I didn't mean to steal it.


There's already a topic like this. Duplicates can be considered spam.


I wanted to share another topic like this. If you want me to stop, I'll just leave the forum. I can do that.

I don't wanna but I'm gonna have to if you guys keep telling me my topic ideas are all ready taken. It hurts my feelings!