Images won't appear in HS camera roll (Open)

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: mr.rex! :wolf:

What kind of device are you using?: iPad mini

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I saved a picture of papyrus to my camera roll but it didn’t show up on the images screen in HS

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Saved a picture of papyrus to my camera roll
  2. Created a project and tapped new image

I expected this to happen: it to show up, like normal

But instead this happened: it didn’t show up

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

And it doesn’t show up in HS

This has happened several times, and it’s really annoying, so I hope this is fixed


hmmm that sounds pretty frustrating, is there any difference between if you select Moments after going to select a pic, versus if you select Camera Roll? I find in other apps too, that sometimes the pics from Moments don't show in Camera Roll or vice versa, but not sure about what's going on here (I don't have the subscription at the moment so can't help much sorry :( )


I don't think so..... Anyway I really wanted to make a papyrus battle.....


aw and I can see you really would like to have the image uploaded into the project too for making it :(


Wait..... Let me try a different image.....


Well I got a colored one to work....


ohh, I just realised, is the screenshot you included of your Photos app? and the problem is, if you tap new image in Hopscotch, the pic doesn't show up there?

Oh that's interesting, a coloured version came up but the black and white one hadn't :thinking:


What format is the image? It might be like a gif and it's not supported.


Then try another picture of this papyrus

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VGS: (clearly doesn't play Undertale)
Me: :scream:

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What's undertale?


Only. One of. The best. Games. EVER.


:scream: you don't know what Undertale is?

It's just this pixel game, based off of another pixel game, Mother.
You can watch people play it or play it yourself.
It's a pretty nice game with battles and different paths and exploration and adventure and courage and evil-ness and goodness and monsters and other kinds of cool stuff...

It starts out with you, falling in a hole, on top of a mountain..
But you survive falling and idk how lol

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I have not played Undertale either, and had to guess what you meant as well, when you were referring to the pics of Papyrus, hehe


I'm not subbing either so I also can't help. iPad minis are pretty old so I know they can be very buggy

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Make sure to choose the right photo album when you open HS, that´s the only solution I can think of if it isn´t a bug.
(With photo albums I mean that there are different albums like camera roll, faces and other albums). You could also check that HS has permission to access your camera roll.

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Papyrusssssss! may be a glitch or something .-. I'm no expert XD

This bug just happened to me.
I don’t know if it is the format or sizes of the images, because some images appear immediately in Hopscotch after I download them. Some images takes a while to appear, and some does not appear at all.

I have tried to restart Hopscotch several times and duplicated the project I am using images in.
@Ana @AwesomeOnion


We’ve seen this before, do you have iCloud photos enabled? Sometimes it takes a while to download those photos and that can cause the issue.


I do, and I also thought about that. I will update you if they eventually download or not!