Images not appearing (not uploading correctly?)

I didn’t check much, but not EVERY IMAGE. The only ones that weren’t destroyed, were the level entry, where you pick a level

Did any images survive in the editor scene?

I might be able to re-add the images, but it’ll take me a while.

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Oh no, that can get really frustrating.

There is a bug report topic here Images not appearing (not uploading correctly?) but unfortunately it seems a bit tricky to investigate. (Need clear steps to make it happen every time)

Can I ask which project that is?


I don’t know about that one but the same thing was happening to my project farming simulator 2 when roadocean played it

Here’s a link to test if it works

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From what I’ve seen. It occurs on any project with lots of custom images (usually over 50). Not everyone has this issue, so it’s very difficult to reproduce. It just happens by accident.

Project in picture:


@StarlightStudios @Crosbyman64 thanks a lot for the links & extra information

(Just moved the posts here to make it easier when I investigate)

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Here are some extra

Yesterday, this was normal, but today isn’t? ^^^

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Just wait until those normal looking tiles in the bottom image become corrupted like the other tiles.

It’s almost like the source to them is missing or unknown.

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i still can’t get past level 4 lol

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Yeah, the placeholder images make it impossible to know where the sticky walls are… or any other tile for that matter… Even if I re-add the images, the problem will eventually come right back…

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Is anyone experiencing an issue where the images don’t load in correctly?

I tried to play on my phone but only like half of the images load in.


thats a hopscotch bug and unfortunately we have no control over that
exit and reenter may fix the issue


It happens when you use a lot of custom images. After a few days, all images will wind-up corrupted, and it’ll all be a bunch of placeholder images.

Don’t know why the bug occurs, and I don’t think it can ever be fixed (I don’t even know if THT will be able to either)…


I just moved the posts here, since it appears to be related to this bug.

It is not ideal, unfortunately haven’t had a chance to look deeper & track it down yet, but it is on our list to investigate.


We’re looking into this. It seems to be mostly on iOS devices. I will check more on webplayer / web explorer too.

(It might be a rate limit issue — when trying to download too many images at once, it gets prevented. Will update here later if we can get a fix)