Images lose their transparency

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Your username: Elijah Pw

What kind of device are you using?: IPad Pro (11 inch)

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing adding a image to a project and then the image lost its transparency):

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Find/make an image with a transparent background
  2. Upload it to hopscotch and it loses its transparency

I expected this to happen:
The image would have the background removed.

But instead this happened:

The image gets a white background added to it
Here’s a sweet screenshot:
Here’s this picture of the Mercedes SLR McLaren Which is transparent. This seems to occur with all transparent images I upload to hopscotch.

What’s happens when I put it into a project


try saving it to your files—I encountered this problem and was told to do that and it worked

this is annoying though



i can confirm this is not happening for me. Remember when you edit your png with Apple’s Photo app, it changes automatically to jpg or any other format that does not support transparent background

and yes, this is a sneak peek for my game


The image that they used is still transparent, as it even uploaded that way to the forum.


How to make a transparent image tho


Images with those checkerboard pattern grey squares in the background indicates it has a transparent background. You can turn off the background in a drawing program then save it as a PNG image.


This mainly happens to small images, such as ones that are less than 512x512 pixels in sizes.

If you are able, select the image then choose “Save to Files.” Then select the location you want to save the image to. I recommend you create a folder for all of your related images. Then in Hopscotch, choose “Import” >> “From Files” >> Your image. If you want to edit your image at any moment, just long press the image and tap “Edit”


I also see your image is only 640x400 in size.


(mine is 800x400)

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What I also find strange, I was able to use this image in a project with the transparent background before the most recent hopscotch update. (A little more information)

Yeah. If the image is large enough in pixel size, it’ll keep the transparency, but at the cost of causing possible lag.

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If you have version 3.48.0 (the same version as the introduction of Local Variables), you can import images from your device or files, basically the same way you did before (by tapping the little background icon in the objects library). By using Files, you can import images of any size without losing transparency.

Note: GIFs or animated PNGs will be automatically converted to a still image.

I use the exact same device as you and the only time it happened to me is when I imported the image from my camera roll. I started using files after this update, and I’m gonna use it for all future images.


I ran into this with pcs. The problem, I discovered, was my background removal, ( only supported .jpg and .png, which didn’t keep the transparency after addition to the project. (Well .png did so I ended up using png but .jpg wouldn’t work)

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I’m also having this bug. The image on my device has no bg, but it has a white bg when I add it to hs

edit: if I save it directly to files and upload it from there, it works correctly, but saving it from photos → files → hs, still produces the bug


If you go to Settings and search for “iCloud Photo Library”, there should be a setting called something along the lines of “Optimize”. Is that toggled on or off? If it is on, it could be that the iPhone tries to “optimize” the photo using different methods that makes it lose the transparent background.


Yeah this has occurred with iOS Photos in general. There is a related topic here:

Hopscotch did add the feature of uploading images directly from the Files app as a workaround for that, as Crosbyman64 mentioned.

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JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group, extension = .jpeg / .jpg) doesn’t support transparent backgrounds. Only PNG (Portable Network Graphics, extension = .png) does.

I also just saw that JPG/JPEG can only store RGB (Red, Green, Blue), whereas PNG can store RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha (which also means transparency)).


I like pngs, for some reason I save all my drawings into a png wether or not it has a transparent background.

This also happens to me (I was super disappointed and had to erase the background from the image with hopscotch’s drawing system and it ended up looking weird)