Image puzzle idea for a Hopscotch game


Draw a black and white picture on a piece of paper
Cut the paper into maybe 60+. squares.
Take a photo of each square
Use each square as a sprite and shrink its size.
Also to make the puzzle harder, turn some sprites at 90 degree angles so the player has to code to turn the squares to solve the jigsaw puzzle


Cool! I'm going to try this out when I get the subscription (which will hopefully be very soon. :smiley:). Great idea.


I love this idea!! I might try this if I get a subscription.


This is an awesome idea! :clap::smile:


Awesome idea! I'm not as good as all the people who replied here, I don't think I could do it.


You took the words right out of my mouth XD



Off-topic, but just wondering why a lot of your old posts were flagged? ^-^


Her account was suspended by BAS to fix some issues a while ago :wink:


ok then :DD


I saw the hidden replies by @Intellection74 before I joined the forum


@Gilbert189 @Intellection74 are you on at the moment?
I need to ask you a question


They are not, you can tell by going into their profiles are looking at the 'last seen'


They can also get a message to their email and respond here.


It's 3/4 in the morning for them so they probably wouldn't be on.


i'll wait till the weekend then.


Hmm... That sounds interesting, I'll check it out.


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I wasn't on then, but I am now!