Image filter with subscription (CLOSED)

upon publishing a new-dt-promo-project on the leaders’ collab account, it seems the project may be lost. I’m hoping to be able to recover it?

Your username: StarshipCollab

What kind of device are you using?: iPhone 5

1 sentence description of the problem:
I published a project with about 18 images, and now no one who has tried to play the project (whether on the account, off the account, or through a link) can access it.

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. create project with a significant amount of objects and code, with one object using the set image block to store 18 different images.
  2. publish project, receive usual message that it will be reviewed by moderators for images.
    2a: copy project link to post on forum. upon clicking link, directed to a page that doesn’t exist.
    2b: log out of StarshipCollab, attempt to find project or StarshipCollab via search from another account (SereneCygnet). neither yields results.
    2c: attempt to play project from StarshipCollab. error message is given and project does not load.

I expected this to happen:
I expected to be able to play the project from StarshipCollab until it had been reviewed, and then to be able to play it from anywhere.

But instead this happened:
the project seems to be unplayable from all sources (see 2a-2c).

Here are some sweet screenshots:
link to project, exported from app:

error screen given when link is clicked:

error message after attempting to play the project from StarshipCollab:

I wondered halfway through writing this if maybe the ‘problem’ is just me not knowing how the image review works, but it doesn’t make sense that I can’t play the project from the account that created it. if I’m just impatient, sorry for the long report, but if there’s something off, I hope it can be fixed! thank you!


Ah if there are images in a project, it has to go to a moderator, in this case a member of THT, to check that the images are appropriate for HS!

I don’t think during that time you can look at the project.


so it is just me being a troglodyte! I’ll clivecate as soon as the project posts itself.


Or maybe just Clive so if other users have this problem I can link them here?



smart. it’s good for people new to the subscription (me) to know what’s going on.


Yee, exactly!

And also for users who use the trial etc as well, it can be handy to them! Especially to new users tho, so they don’t keep making new topics when the solution is already here

Maybe edit the title of this as well, so y’all know it’s solved?



I had the same problem actually, from my main n our collab.

It goes into like a different special image filter thing and then it gets reviewed by THT n the curators . While it’s in there, no one can view it cuz of the possibility of a face pic or something inappropriate.


You can if you made it.


You can?

Hmm then idk!

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thanks for the help everyone! cliving away.