Image Error Log-In Glitch

When I logged out of my account and logged back in, all of my images except for ones that used the set image block turned into the gray H!


Also is their anyway where this could be fixed so I don’t have to re code and add every image?


A few more things

  • Happened to a couple of drafts, not all

  • Makes the image invisible, you have to click on the object viewer to see

  • In the image section the images are invisible


actually, its not invisible, unfortunately its lost


Omg wait what you are kidding me?!?! Have you seen this before? Is their anyway to revert this or is it all completely gone?


Since you saw it @t1_hopscotch , is it actually not fixable? Like can they be reversed? Also do I have to re upload like the 50 images that were deleted? will that even work?


theoretically i thiiink t1 can find your files back from the admin side?? i dunno
but its certainly lost from your interface


Would that mean I can’t re upload them or no? I mean that would literally take hours so I would definitely want t1 to do it but just in case


If you have the original images, it’s fixable


So I could re upload them? Is it fixable on the admins end?


It’s definitely not ideal, and I’m really sorry this happened.

I’m not sure what might be the cause of it. If you want to post the draft title – or you can use edit history to include it – I can take a look in the admin interface to see if the images are there on the server.


Yeah this will take hours and hours to fix… I appreciate the apology though

The draft is titled
Dashing Ninja 2 DRAFT


Ok I checked and I can’t seem to find that project in your drafts, on the admin interface. (There are other projects last edited 3 hours ago, 5 hours ago and 12 hours ago from now – I can list the titles in this edit history.)

I’m guessing the draft didn’t upload to the server unfortunately when you logged out, and the images didn’t upload to the server also, which would understandably be very frustrating.

I think that it’s currently there locally because you’re still able to edit it and see it. (‘Locally’ means that it’s there also in the Files app, but not on the server. I’m wondering if the images might still be there locally. I can show you where to find it in Files if you want to check. It would be in On My iPad/iPhone > Hopscotch > custom_images)

If Hopscotch didn’t display a cloud icon when you tried to log out, and still doesn’t display a cloud icon right now, it seems like there’s a bug going on.


Hm that’s weird, the newest one is Dashing Ninja 2 on my end

Thanks for your understanding, response to next quote follows up with this kinda

Yeah there wan’t a cloud icon logging out or as of now.

I don’t see all of my images, including ones that didn’t glitch out, but there’s 820 images so I could’ve missed them.

Also it was the older images, not the newer ones so I wonder why those would be the ones that didn’t upload.

I have the images, it would be a lot of work to dig through everything to find them, and then edit almost every object (as i drew most of the game) to add back the images and then there’s tons of set image blocks that need replacing, also since the objects don’t show I have to use the other code viewer (where you can go in any object)

It’s possible for me to add it all back but its super tedious and time consuming


@StarlightStudios good news (I’m hoping). I think I found the project in the ‘deleted’ projects section of your profile, in the admin interface. It should usually be in the drafts section but maybe it ended up accidentally ‘deleted’ when you logged out. (‘Deleted’ basically meaning it’s not visible to the community or on your drafts section, but still stored in the server. And we can restore it)

I definitely see images on here – I’m not sure if it’s all of your images, but it seems like pretty much all are there. I can also send screenshots in a PM if you prefer.

Here are two screens – it looks like the images are there

Project restored

Here’s what I can do – I can temporarily publish this project (to restore it from being ‘deleted’), and then unpublish it so it will appear in your Drafts again. Then you can take a look.

The project should now be available to download from the Drafts tab of your profile, and it’s called Dashing Ninja 2 (restored by t1)


Wow, that looks like a super spooky bug!!
Nice work t1!

(Sorry for the totally random post lol)


Oh great that would be awesome! I can’t find the restored game in my drafts though :((

You can try publishing it since the draft thing didn’t work and then I should be able to see it (if we have to)


Oh my gosh that looks goofy


Ok I have published it now – I will include the link in edit history in case it’s not appearing.


Thanks — I see it now! There are a decent chunk of images missing on my iPad but not a lot on my phone, do you know why there’s more missing on my iPad and what do you recommend I do? Or should I just reupload the images