Ima make a project about Canada Vs America

  • Canada
  • America


Im making a poll for my project Canada vs America. After you're done voting put some comments and debate below about which one you voted so I can include it in the project


America cuz well im in america but canadas prtty cool too


America is da richest country! :smirk:🤑:smirk:


Sorry to break it to you, but either Qatar or Norway is the richest country in the world


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Canada because Niagara Falls :3

random fact

3160 tons of water flow over its edge!
:sweat_drops: x 3160




Canada because poutine (actually never tried it though)

poutine: a dish that has fries, gravy, and cheese curds. I think...
- FG Dictionary, 2/3/2016


looks up, hello Canada!


Actually, no, they are not! America is the richest, and I know that for a fact!

Canada because bagged milk

Should I continue on?


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Bagged milk

I knew that. But what's different from drinking milk out of a bag?


I dunno, felt like it.

Canada because no Donald Trump

Hm... Should this be on another topic?


I thought China or Russia was the richest country LOL!


@Fishyguitars Niagra Falls is in Canada and America


Sorry me just likes to correct people ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


I voted for America because:
A. I live there
B. We are the country greatest at resolving conflicts (When you study WWI and WWII have you ever REALLY talked about Canada?)


I have studied WWI and WWII and yes, Canada wasn't really in it.