I'm writing a trilogy! :D



Main Details

Hi, SC here! I'm going to write a story about me being trapped in Hopscotch and searching for feature-worthy projects with other Hopscotchers! :D
Some things in my books will be a reference to @CreativeCoder's "Hopscotchified" books. I give credit to you!

People who want to help

Add your name in the replies, say what you want to be, and then I'll add you. You can post your stuff in this topic!
@AHappyCoder (antagonist)
@Bubbles4Ever929 (character)
@WinningMonkey (antagonist)
@CreativeCoder (character)
@TheGamerNextDoor15 (idea-person/character)
@Dude73 (editor)
@Rawrbear (character)
@Kiwicute2016 (character)
@Deadfr (character)
@Maltese (character)
@bluedogmc-official (character)
@seawolfwerehorse (character)
@SmileyAlyssa (character)
@tankt2016 (character)
@Pinmat135 (character)

People I want to include in story

@MagmaPOP (will include)
@Valgo (will include)
@SmileyAlyssa :heavy_check_mark:
@Kiwicute2016 :heavy_check_mark:
@CreativeCoder :heavy_check_mark:
@Rawrbear :heavy_check_mark:
(You can be included in the other books, too!

I hope that when the trilogy is finished (which will be called Another World)
you will really like my writing!


Meh want to be the leader antagoist!


I'll join too
I'll be a antagoist
If you want me or I can be something else


You and @AHappyCoder are antagonists! :D


I want to be in it! Is it a dramatic story? Also I'm writing a book like Hopscotchified too! @CreativeCoder Hopscotchified was awesome!!!!! I really want another one.


Can me be in the book? I want to be either really evil or really nice it's your choice.


Sure, you can be in it! I'll add you in a sec.
And it will be dramatic at times, but not like creepy-dramatic (no zombie apocalypses or anything)!


Haha! No I just mean like crying or something.... (I like those kinds of books) anyways yeah. If you want I can be hurt really bad. I don't mind.


Can I be in it? It can be anything you want.

I would love to be a character, but I also really love writing and editing. If there are no spots left and such, could I be one of the editors? :D


You can be a character! :D


If everyone I tagged in "People I want to include in story" says yes, then I don't have any more spots for characters in Book 1! You can help with ideas, be an editor, or illustrate the book! Don't worry, I'll add credits! :wink:


@Sensei_Coder do you need us to do anything else for the story


Not yet, I'll tag you if I do :thumbsup:🏼


Ok sweet can't wait to see the final product


What roles are there?


Can I be in it? =D

Idk what lol


Can I be in it?

I don't care what part, as long as I am a good person. (You probably know I can't be evil, it's not possible for me)



Can I be an antihero?


I remember your "nu" list :P


I changed that part when you weren't on I think. :joy:


Remember Hopscotchified? That's pretty much the layout of "Another World". So if you want, you could be one of the main characters! :D