I'm Writing a Hopscotch Story! No More Spaces!



DHey guys! So, I have noticed that people have been writing stories on hopscotch. I want to, too!
Character Form: 0 characters left
Main Character or not:
Who you want your character to be. Ex. Mom, teacher, student:
What the Story is About
This story is about a people who mom has cancer and dad dies, get bullied for it, find many insperational peeps on hopscotch. Yes, I changed the story.


Name: Sky
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long black hair with a blue strip. Shes beautiful. She has black eyes and fair skin. She wears a black crop top with a blue and white diamond on it. She always wears jeans and black boots. Shes 14.
Personality: She is kind and fearful. Shes shy but kind. She always does the right thing. She is mysterious and knows how to fight well. She is always one of the popular kids. She loves playing instruments and singing.
Main Character or not: Main
Who you want your character to be. 3x. Mom, teacher, student: Student


Name: Stick
Gender: Boy
Appearance: Stickman
Personality: HAPPY, worried, very clumsy, panics easily...
Main Character or not: Main Character, you can change that if you want...
Who you want your character to be. Student or teacher...


Ok! Accepted, @SnowGirl_Studios......


@Stick88, you're accepted, too. Can you give more detail for the appearance? Hair, eyes, etc.


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Name: Evangeline, Evie for short
Gender: Girl
appearance: long brown hair, always wears green and purple adventuring clothes, deep green eyes and light skin
Personality: long list
-loves nature
-always happy
-loves everything happy
Can I be a main character?


@Dude73 and @seawolfwerehorse accepted. I need to decide the main characters....


Name: Aroha
Gender: Girl
Appearance: Tan skin, hazel eyes, long brown curly hair
Personality: nice, positive, shy,
Main Character or not: main, but you can choose
Who you want your character to be. 3x. Mom, teacher, student: Student


Appearance:Dark black hair with a little yellow on the side shoved to the side
Personality:A dark mooded person who can be very suprsing at times with skill at many things
Main Character or not:Main
Who you want your character to be. 3x. Mom, teacher, student:student friends with @SnowGirl_Studios if she accepts


@WinningMonkey, and @Razor, both accepted!




Fwiendzzzzz :smiley:


Yehahahahaahha :smiley:


@SnowGirl_Studios and @Razor, could I put you guys as twins?? You guys are like the same with the highlight.


Sure! if sgs accepts


Sure! :smiley:


but one thing :PP
make our hair differnt colors


Ok! Twins it is.... Yay! Twins in me story!!


@EnchantedAnimallover could you do a post saying who the characters are