I'm writing a Hopscotch related story!



I'm writing a Hopscotch related story! I'll edit this post with more chapters when I have time! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy! (I put this topic in collabs because I didn't know what category to put it in XD)

Chapter 1
Everyday, I set an alarm to 7:15 AM. Why do I set this alarm, you ask? It's because of Hopscotch. My favorite thing in the universe. When my alarm rings, I immediately wake up, with no hesitation at all, and get on Hopscotch. I check my activity, code for a few hours, then at exactly 11:15 AM, I close Hopscotch, and go to the forum.

First, I scroll through my notifications, then check my favorite topics, like the drawing topic. Wow! I say to myself, 10 more posts untill the drawing topic closes! I quicky tap the topic, hoping to get one of the last posts. I type something, tap reply, and suddenly... everything went black.

Chapter 2
I find myself lying on a rough surface.

"Is she okay?" I hear a voice say.

"I hope so," I hear another voice.

I slowly lift my head up to see where the voices were coming from. "W-w-where am I?"

A girl wearing a t-shirt with a cute puppy on it says, "I think we're in the Hopscotch Forum."

"Really?!" says another girl with a shirt with a kawaii penguin on it, worried.

"Oh, sorry for not introducing ourselves. My name is Maltese."

"And my name is Pingu," says the other girl, "what's your name?"

"Oh, I-I-I'm PerfectPanda24," I say, astonished by the fact that I'm meeting two amazing Hopscotchers. Then, I realize something. "How do we get out of here?!"

Chapter 3

We walk around the topic, looking for an escape. We pound on the walls, but it's useless. The topic is already closed. I begin to think that we'll be stuck here forever.

"Wait, does anyone still have their phone?" Pingu asks.

All three of us start searching our pockets, and finally, Maltese says, "I have my iPhone!"

"Great!" Pingu says, very excited. "Can you go onto Hopscotch, and publish a project saying we're stuck in a topic in the forum?"

After Maltese publishes the project, we sit on the hard forum ground in silence.

Suddenly, two people appear out of thin air.

People in the story so far:
And two secret people I'll reveal in chapter 4. >:D

If I put you in the story and you don't want to be in the story, just let me know! :DD


Great story! :D
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I'll be in the main character squad! I'm a girl so put me as that! I'll just appear and fall out of nowhere when you find me! If you need help I can correct some writing errors you might have !

Edit: I'll have a green and yellow striped t-shirt with jeans and a pair of black and red shoes :P

My eyes would be green because why not. Also I'll be acted out as a new hopscotcher as I am right now!


Thank you so much! :DDD


Okay, I'll put you in the story! Thanks!


If I could be in the story as well, that would be great! :D


K! Thanks for putting me in the story. I'm pretty excited.


I'll put you in the story too! I'll write the next few chapters tomorrow (technically today), since it's really late right now... XD


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Thank you so much for including me! :D


Can I be in it?


Wow, awesome story!!! Great job! Could I be in it?:smiley:


Great so far! I'm sitting on pins and needles for the next chapter! BTW, @PerfectPanda24, did you see that you are in my series?


Awesome story! It's so cool! :clap::smile:
I know you have a lot of people who want to, but is there a slight eeny meeny chance I could be in this? I'm sorry if you are annoyed by this. ;-;


Awesome storeeeeeee!
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I see something wrong here


You're stuck in a weird land and think you won't ever escape. Wouldn't that call for temporary quitting your job at Procrastination Enterprises? XD


Hmm... that's true XD


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