I'm writing a book! NO MORE SPACES


Credit to @Explorer_ or @Dude73 or whoever came up with the idea

Ok, so I see that lots of people are writing books, so I want to write on too! (It will be hopscotch-related) If you want to be in this book, fill this form:
Evil character:
Apperance: (You can make it up, but I might add a cloak or something to make it look evil :D)

Normal character:
Appearance: (You can make it up)

I MIGHT be accepting one person to write with me, if you want to fill THIS form:(I will also include you in the book)

Have you written a book before?
Have you written a hopscotch-related book before?

Please note that the first one to fill out the evil character part will get it. I will only be accepting 5 normal characters, they will be main characters, and I might include some other people but they won't be the main characters.

I have said a lot and my hands hurt. I haven't even done the OMTL!

The list of life on the forum


People that have signed up so far:

Chapter 1

Sorry, my first chapter is always the shortest

Chapter 1: The Special Day

Finally, the day has come. I'm a regular! I'm going to stay at hopscotch town! Only regulars and above can stay in the town. The rest stay in the country-side. And I CANNOT stay another day with my cabin-mates. Though VanillaBlossom is fine. The rest keep changing the code so my bed will spin. I mean, WHY CANT THEY DO IT ON THEIR OWN BED!? Well, at least in the town, you don't have a room mate, I think. Im just hoping I don't. Especially if it's a really annoying one. Well, I'm off to the regular lounge, for a meeting about ‘Being A Regular’. All I can do is ‘hope’ I'll do well...

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Regular Life

“This is it,” I say. “This is regular life. It may be tuff, but I'll be fine.”
I slowly open the door…
“SUPRISE!” I hear about ten voices shout.
“AHH!” I had almost collapsed. Standing in front of me, was the whole of the hopscotch team (Except Montoya, who is the cabin coder).
“Congrats on becoming a regular!” Says Liza.
I was shocked. I had a totally different vision.
“Why are you pulling that face? Aren't you happy?” Meg questions me.
“Umm.. I-” I am speechless right now. But I can't say that. So I stop talking.
“Told you we should have added streamers,” Rodrigo mutters, I hear a faint giggle from Asha.
BuildASnowman steps forward. “I'll take it from here.” BAS tells me everything
about being a regular. But after every sentence, he says “And remember, being a regular is a big responsibility, you are a role-model to basics and members.” So I get a bit tired of listening and just wander off in my brain. Until I hear the words ‘Room mate’. “This is your room mate, you'll be making a collab whilst THT code your house.”
A girl steps forward, and waves, though it looks like she wants to speak but her mouth is zipped. “Hi” she says shyly.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Jagged Jeans

The girl had blue eyes and peachy skin, and was wearing a cream sweater, a pair of ripped jeans and white sandles. She had a slight smile on her face, though her like long wavy hair was covering half of it.
“Hello. I'm-” The suddenly interrupts me.
“I know who you are, you're KoolM123, the new regular.” She says.
“Oh, well then, you can call me Kool. And you are…?”
“I'm Jagged Jeans, AquaBlueLips on hopscotch,” she replies to me.
My mouth drops open. “You're. Jagged. Jeans. O. Me. Gush.”
She widens her smile and nods. “Well, we should get home. We need to get your stuff unpacked.”
As we walk, we hear a voice.
“Hey, I found a cool speed glitch! WOO YEAH!”
We see them speed past, but…. They hit a trash can. We run over there.
“Are you okay?” I say, helping the girl up.


Remember ryou signed up for m book aswell


Yes I know. :D


Evil Charecter
I'm Hoped Hoper63 on HS but Hoped Hoper
I want a dark black cloak and red gloves and blue hair


Ok, your officially the Evil character!
now lemme note down the appearance


Is anyone even gonna consider signing up for this?


Normal character: What do I put here?
Username: @ThePickle on the forum and The Pickle HC on Hopscotch
Appearance: You decide xD

You don't need to put your forum username xD


Finally! Someone signed up! I'll choose ur appearance but in order to do that: Are you a boy or a girl?


Normal character:
Username: happyfacegirl
Appearance: (You can make it up): can i be an smiley emoji alien?


An alien? Umm, I.... I actually don't know. Lemme think if an alien will fit...


If not then i will be a boring person. With boring eyeballs. Eh.


Actually, you can be an alien, but you won't be a good character if thats ok with you..

You will still have a smiley face


I'm a boy.


Thats fine!


Normal character
Username: you-know-what on the forum, aquabluelips on HS
Appearance: (You can make it up)
clothes: cream sweater, jeans, white sandals (with the criss-cross pattern) (not flip flops, sandals)

eyes, hair, etc: Long brown hair, blue eyes, peach/apricot skin



Evil character:

Username: SmileyAlyssa
Appearance: Idk whatever you want



Signing up for dis!!


And also
Username: codingkit
Appearance: Long wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. Can I have cat ears?


Yay! A writer! You can have cat ears. Dat doesn't sound like a full sentence


Normal character: Clementine Bertrand
Username: ForestOfTeal
Appearance: She has long chestnut hair and sky blue eyes. Clementine smiles a lot.