I'm Writing A Book! Helps I need characters! 📚


Okay so here's a brief description of my book, A girl around the age of 16 finds that she has woken in a strange room and soon find that she is being watched by someone how will she find the others and restore her memory in time.

So I guess some cold say it's a mystery
This is what happens though to me while I'm writing it:
Umm maybe I need to add in more characters umm maybe a guy named ummmm whose hair is umm...........

So any character suggestions? Also I'm accepting co-authors!


Should I make a character request sheet?


That might help.

Btw is this HS related?


How is this hopscotch related
Could I be in it ??


Ooo oo!! I started writing a book too! I have 4 chapters already, but can I be co-author? I love writing


@KVJ it's kinda hopscotch related it will have some references

@WinningMonkey yeah you can be a character just give me the normals hair style, hair color, eye color, clothing style, personality, and anything else you deem nessacery

@QueenShaeShae sure! Umm do you have a hopscotch email? Are we still allowed to share those?


What's a hopscotch email? I'm havent been on very long


We aren't allowed to talk to another hopscotcher (unless you know them irl) anywhere besides on the forum. :D

And we can not share emails.
Hopscotch emails or not. :0


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Yep. :D (if you were talking to me lol)


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Okay thanks! I didn't know :grin:

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Thanks! :D


I'll be a character
Thirteen year old girl with brown hair and side bangs that cover one of her eyes
Hair is shoulder length and ends are curled
The ends of her hair are evil red
Silver eyes
Jacob Sartorius hat
Jacob Sartorius shirt
Jacob Sartorius pants
Black leather boots
Pocket knife
Likes creepy and evil stuff
Likes Jacob sartorius


Name: Matt
Look: messy brown hair and green eyes. Tall. Necklace with mini pocket knife pendant. Usually wears black sneakers, T-shirt, and shorts
Personality: clever, fast, and has great survival skills, but is sarcastic and grumpy. Usually tries to take on the leader in a group.
Likes: reading, science, archery, music
Dislikes: people argue with him, spiders, lazy people,


Hair style, Curly
Hair colour, Brow
Eye colour, BlueyGreen
Clothing style, Sporty
Personality, Kind Shy Sporty
Loves, Softball, soccer, baking, kapahaka