I'm worried about something ~ nevermind I'm ok


I know there are topics saying not to worry about this, but it's been making me a little anxious since it was brought to light. You probably can guess that it's the age restriction. As my bio says, I'm eleven. It'll be forever before I'm thirteen! I probably won't want to be on Hopscotch anymore!
What if THT is about to start enforcing it? What if they are going to start suspending underage people now that they've been reminded about the rule?
I'm probably worrying for nothing, I hope THT makes a topic about this.
Ok I, good now thanks for your replies


Don't worry, you can stay on.

It's just there because US laws stuffz.


No need to worry! If your over 13, it just means that you choose if you want to show your face because you are an "adult." THT hasn't mentioned anything about this so it's fine!


And, these terms are Discource:s terms. Discource has coded the forum. THT manage it.


There is an age restriction?
Well...I'm not 13 yet either...
Idk what to say...
leaves topic