I'm working to be a leader!


So I was looking through the badges I could get, when I came across the leader title, or trust level 4! Surprisingly, only 17 PEOPLE GOT THE BADGE!!! So I guess its sort of a hard title get!! I think I'm pretty nice to everyone, I help people out a lot in the forum, so I'm gonna work hard and try to become a leader on this forum!! :smile: :smile: Anyone who would like to support me on this hard journey that its going to be, I would gladly appreciate it!! Now who thinks I can do it!!

  • Yes, if you work hard enough!
  • Yes, easily!
  • No, no matter how hard you work!
  • No, you don't work hard enough!


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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!111!1! i'm regular!1!1!1!1!111
What are the lines next to names?
H.A.B Leaders+ Discussion Topic!
We Need Leaders Club! (W.N.L)
We Need Leaders Club! (W.N.L)
Not totally myself
People who really deserve a shoutout!
I'm working to be leader (even though there are none left, I will not stop!)
We Need Leaders Club! (W.N.L)

Yes! Anyone can be a leader! But please remember, you don't get the leader badge by changing who you are.


It is super hard to earn :wink:

You have to be a very long time regular :0

And you should not change your personality for it! It is a manual promotion by the Hopscotch Team :D


That's all true! Not having the badge and magic of a Leader doesn't stop you being one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, yeah! I know! I won't change who I am just to become a leader! I don't really care about having the badge, I just really love this app and I want to help people out on the forum. BTW, I figured everyone would choose "Yes, if you work hard enough!".


Well if you want to help people out I'd say you'll do really well really quickly :wink:


All I need is support from some people I met, and my own helpfulness! (Like @Huggingfluffybear)


You can help people with or without a badge! I have it now, but I helped without it! I believe you can do it. :D



you would be a great leader!:blush:

All I would work on is being more active, and getting member then regular!

Then stay on for a while and work hard be nice and respectful and helpful so bscicly do what your doing and you will be leader one day!

Thanks for tagging me!:smile:




Yes, yes you have.


Or you can be BAS, who earned the leader badge before he earned regular. XD


Ooooooo... Tell me more!

EDIT: Why did I just say that?


That was becuase he changed his title mother chakin


Did someone actually put easily?


I will support any one trying to be aleader! You can be one without the badge though, and still help people without the magical wrench :D
Leader takes a long time to achieve, you have to prove that you are ready to take on rhis amazing opportunity!
I see that you are a 'basic member'. Keep reading more topics and you will get member! After that, your next goal will be regular. You have to be active or online for 50 days at least and have to read a load of topics!
Leader isn't something that automatically updates like most of the badges, the moderators and other leaders and admins decide when to promote!
Good luck on your journey, and don't give up!


It’d be nice if you could get it...


I don't even have regular and i'm still obsolete


It’s not like I have anything.


Thanks for supporting me @Candycane